System logic specification and test case writing for BDD of transaction engine


At the end of the design phase for Tradex, we had created a fairly detailed design specification for the product. But still, there were details that needed to be fleshed out as part of build. Most of these were related to how transactions would actually be handled, how each transaction affects different parts of the system, and what changes needed to be kept track of. With this in mind, we proposed to the client that we work on the transaction engine first, before implementing any of the interfaces.


Business rules are fuzzy compared to programmed logic. We needed to translate business rules into hard, testable logic to build the core of this transaction engine.


A series of Cucumber tests written to reflect business rules – this gave us a way to document to business processes in more detail, and allowed continuous testing against those rules during development.


Wrote base test cases
Initial test cases based on existing specification documents

Iterated test cases through development
As developers worked on the engine, when clarifications were needed or special cases were discovered, new test cases were added

My role

  • Worked with developers to define process for build
  • Wrote test cases to specify business-based logic for BDD process
  • Guided client through validation process

For confidentiality reasons, limited details can be shown here. Please contact me if you have any questions.