Product design and business process development for fintech start-up


Tradex is a fintech start-up that acts as an intermediary between small businesses in the construction industry and their customers. By managing trade accounts and billing through the Tradex platform, small business suppliers can eliminate the risk of non-payments, and customers can enjoy the convenience of one pre-approved trade account to use with all participating suppliers.


Suppliers want to be paid on time, but any intermediary between suppliers and customers need to make sure they're not left out of pocket.


A series of business rules and processes for an online platform that allows suppliers to easily access their receivables balances on or before their due dates.

At the same time, it allows customers to better manage their payables by aggregating them into one account for many suppliers.

Risks to Tradex are managed through credit check processes at critical points, and with automated detection of potential problem events and patterns.


User journeys
Understand the interactions between suppliers and customers in the real world

User research interviews
Understand all the pain points, from the lack of time, the overwhelming complexity of financial products, to the dread of having to call customers to chase up payments

Initial designs to gauge target market response
Testing whether we could explain the product to potential users easily, seeing if our interfaces we simple-looking enough to not put them off

Developing business rules and processes
Iterative process where we started with the simplest set of rules possible, thought of ways to break the system, then rented those rules

Interface design and specification
Web app interfaces that allowed the business rules and processes to be implemented in an automated online platform

My role

  • Worked with founder to define business rules and processes
  • Suggested areas of focus for user research
  • Designed user flows to support business and user requirements
  • Designed web app interface and wrote design specification

For confidentiality reasons, limited details can be shown here. Please contact me if you have any questions.