Product design and specification for my own resource management app


In my eight years as a producer in digital agencies, one of the things I always found frustrating was the way project management and resource management worked together (or rather, didn't). I’ve never encountered a system where there wasn’t a lot of duplicated data entry between various pieces of management software. I mulled over the problem during my time as an executive producer in a mid-sized agency, and after I left my post, I took some time off to design my own ideal system.


Using multiple systems to manage company resource plans the means it's impossible to keep systems up to date. Data that's out of date is useless for decision-making.


Enter the data once and automate aggregating, filtering, calculating, selectively-displaying. Ultimately users in every role want the same data, just in slightly different forms. Provide better visual cues to highlight potential problems.


Real life observation
Over years in the industry

Using spreadsheets to model the data system

User research interviews
To confirm that others experienced the same problems

Interface design
For MVP web app

The MVP is being trialed at one agency.

My role

  • Came up with the idea
  • Conducted user research
  • Used user-centred processes to develop design
  • Created designs and specifications for MVP build

For confidentiality reasons, limited details can be shown here. Please contact me if you have any questions.