UI design for offline maps app with crowdsourced data for 4WD enthusiasts


Newtracs is a start-up providing 4WDrivers with offline maps and crowdsourced information on track conditions. The founder had been working on a data collection and aggregation system, and wanted to design the MVP for a mobile app that allowed users to log data and access the most up-to-date information available for any track while they were on the road.


The fun of 4WDing is a fine balance – you want to test the limits of your rig, but you want to make it out alive to brag; you want to discover your own tracks, but you don't want to waste your time getting lost in the bush; you want spontaneity, but you want to make sure you have somewhere to camp for the night.


App with offline access to 4WD maps and crowdsourced track difficulty and condition ratings. Allows users to enjoy their freedom with the knowledge they have the info they need for Plan B.


User journeys
Understand how 4WDers currently plan their trips, and their thought processes during a trip

How-Might-We explorations
Identify key opportunities

Technical exploration
Understand limits of mapping, device performance, offline data management, handling crowdsourced data

Interface design
For iOS app

My role

  • Ran client workshop to elicit product goals
  • Worked collaborately with developers to create wireframes
  • Briefed and reviewed work from visual designer completing the UI design

For confidentiality reasons, limited details can be shown here. Please contact me if you have any questions.