System logic design to support pay estimation calculator for nursing union members


The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) is a national union and professional organisation. Several years ago, the Victorian branch of the ANMF commissioned the Diary App to help members keep track of their ever-changing shifts.

One of the concerns of the ANMF is to ensure nurses are paid correctly by educating members about their entitlements, and one way of disseminating this information was to include a pay calculator which would estimate the user’s pay based on their employment and shift details in the Diary App.


Nurses' pay is hard to understand – there are lots of rules governing pay rates and allowances, and their paychecks vary fortnight to fortnight based on their shifts.


Translate the core parts of the relevant enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) into a calculation engine that estimates pay based on the shifts they enter into their Diary App.


Workshop with SME
Understand how nurses work with shifts and rosters in the real world

Analyse information
Extract relevant details from the EBA to prioritise features and define scope

Design calculation model
Translate the relevant clauses in the EBA into formulas; validate with SME

Write test cases
Comprehensive test cases for developers to develop against and to guide UAT

My role

  • Defined the scope of the first release based on the available budget
  • Determined the logic for calculating estimated pay based on definitions provided in the EBA
  • Determined the requirements for the interfaces based on the existing app and new calculation requirements
  • Wrote extensive test cases to validate the engine and to guide UAT

For confidentiality reasons, limited details can be shown here. Please contact me if you have any questions.