UI design for widget integrated with medical practice management software


GoShare is a health resource library that allows medical practitioners to collate and send relevant information to patients, and to track their engagement with the content. Normally accessed as a stand-alone web app, GoShare commissioned the design and build of a widget to be integrated into Medical Director, a leading medical practice management system. The aim was to allow practitioners to easily find relevant information for a patient during a consultation, and have notes on what was sent integrated into the patient’s history, and also to highlight to practitioners the number of relevant resources that GoShare offers, to encourage greater adoption of the system.

My role

  • Collaborated with developers to create wireframes that met technical constraints
  • Briefed and managed visual designer who produced the final UI designs
  • Created design specifications

Design process and key challenges

By the time we were briefed on the design for this widget, the required functionality was more or less already established as part of the negotiations between the client and Medical Director. The aim was to have the widget replicate the main features of the web app, so that users would be able to do most of what they do in the web app without leaving the Medical Director interface.

In order to clarify which features would be included, and at what points we were expected to integrate with Medical Director, we drafted a series of user journeys, some of which illustrated use cases which would be handled within the widget, and some which illustrated situations where the user would be taken to their browser to complete the action.

Next, we tackled the real challenge: trying to capture the essence of a web app that had been developed over a span of ten years into one little widget… which is being run in a non-standard interface in a piece of software which uses browser windows and supports versions back to IE11.

The developers started building a proof of concept to try and figure out what was actually feasible, based on documentation that Medical Director supplied. At the same time, I started drafting rough wireframes with ideas of how the unusual window structure could be used. During this phase, the developers would make suggestions on how interactions might happen based on what they found in their POC build, while I would throw over suggested interactions for them to test.

As we narrowed in on the final designs, I completed the wireframes and wrote some light specifications for the widget. The wireframes were submitted to Medical Director for approval, and once approved, I briefed the visual designer to bring the widget in line with the web app to ensure consistency between the two experiences.

The widget has been built, and is now available to Medical Director users.

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