Having been a producer/executive producer for over seven years, I’ve got the standard producer skills down pat. Here are some details about my key strengths and interests beyond the basics of project scheduling and tracking, budget management, building client relationships, managing teams for on-time delivery.

Key strengths

Solid understanding of technical and creative issues and roles

allowing effective management which brings out the best in project teams

Ability to learn new concepts and tools quickly

making transitions between projects and industries effortless

Constant drive to understand everything clearly

and the ability to in turn explain issues clearly to clients and teammates

Well-versed at prioritising competing demands in a balanced manner

resulting in good strategic decision-making under pressure

Special interests

Untangling problems to deliver complex projects

I enjoy the challenge of breaking down a complex project into solvable components, whether the complexity is due to many moving parts, technological limitations, or intricate user requirements.

Facilitating communication

I see communication as more than just verbal or written skills — I am interested in developing processes and tools that help team members (and clients) understand each other more clearly and efficiently. This might involve developing clear document templates, finding better ways to represent information visually, developing systems for centralising information — anything that helps everyone stay on the same page.

Guiding teams to focus on the right problems

Nothing is as satisfying as cracking a brief, whether it's one specified by a client or one of your own. I enjoy breaking down briefs to help creative teams refine their ideas and solve the right problems. I also take this focus through to production to deliver strong, cohesive products.

Training and mentoring

Having mulled over many production dilemmas in my career, I'm excited whenever I get the chance to share my thoughts with another producer. I believe providing careful training and mentoring to junior producers helps them become independent much more quickly, and active reflection on production issues help more experience producers clarify their decision-making in difficult situations.

Here are some of the clients I have produced work for

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