Can a producer help you?

If you are part of a new project team or a new company, you might wonder whether it’s worth getting a producer on board.

For a team of two or three people, the benefit of hiring a producer may not be significant. But as a team grows beyond this, it becomes more and more difficult for each team member to keep an eye on the big picture while delving into the details of their own work. In these cases, a producer can help by:

  • Planning the work so that sub-teams can work together as efficiently as possible;

  • Keeping track of progress, plan ahead for any changes required, and make sure everyone is clear on what needs to be done;

  • Balancing the needs of different sub-teams (e.g. art, tech, animation) so that resources are spent where it can make the biggest difference for the project as a whole;

  • Keeping track of decisions made along the way so that the project is more cohesive, and so less time is wasted discussing something that’s already been decided;

  • Streamlining communication by being the central keeper of all important information (which may include documentation);

  • Facilitating smooth handover of information between sub-teams (and the client if there is one);

  • Liaising with third parties (marketers, publishers, etc.);

  • Taking care of administrative tasks (like paying people or preparing contracts).

By taking care of these kinds of management tasks, a producer allows the other members of your team to focus on the core of their work.